Ape Week: Lucy

Ape Week: Lucy

Ape Week: Lucy

Ape Week: Lucy

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Lucy is plucky, stealthy, calm, cooperative and quirky.

Orangutans are great apes, and are closely related to humans, having 97% of DNA in common with us. They also share some of the same health concerns.

Our newest neighbors at the Indianapolis Zoo have battled weight issues and even diabetes.

Lucy didn't always used to be so fast.

When she arrived at the zoo 3 years ago, she was 215 pounds.

She's in incredible shape now weighing in around 120 pounds, and her fast footwork has earned her the new nickname, “Lightning Lucy."

“She's surprisingly fast when she wants to get somewhere quickly she can do it," said Jon Pilarski, the Area Manager of Primates.

She lost the weight through an approved diet, and exercise.

Still, her 100-pound weight loss makes her look a little different.

“Losing all that weight, she does have a little excess skin,” says Pilarski. “You really do see that in her neck line, it droops down and hangs down, but that's not something to be ashamed of that's something to be proud of ."

“Lucy likes to push the straw back and forth from side to side, looking for the best possible spot,” says Primates Keeper Lisa Goodwin. “She likes to sit up on the window ledges that are at the front of the Center. There, she can really watch all the people. She also likes the sun that comes into the Atrium. She likes to take her naps on the lower level.”

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