Ape Week: Katy

Ape Week: Katy
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Katy is vivacious, determined, smart, beautiful and sociable.

A supermodel orangutan?

If there is such a thing, She's said to be at the Indianapolis zoo.

Many people describe Katy as one of the most beautiful orangutans they've ever seen!

Katy is always camera ready, except first thing in the morning.

"Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning, she has a little bed head and her hair is kind of sticking up all kinds of wild directions," said Jon Pilarski, Area Manager of Primates. "But by the time we're ready for our morning meal, she'll have straightened it out with nice perfect bangs."

Perfect bangs? Yes, there is rarely a hair out of place.

"She's got a very cute, sweet face, long very deep red hair that's absolutely gorgeous, and her bangs are perfectly cut. It's perfectly groomed every day,” Pilarski said.

Katy's been called a quick learner although she's sometimes shy.

She likes to observe what's going on around her, so watch for her curious eyes to peek out from under her bangs.

"Katy usually sits in front of the keeper windows where she can see what we are doing throughout the day. She prefers to hang out with people rather than the other orangutans. Katy will come up and sit on the platforms to give you an eye-to-eye staring contest (don't blink). Her hair will always be looking its best; you count on that. She also loves the heated floors. She will lay down on her back with her feet up in the air just relaxing and enjoying the heat. She will also curl up and take a little 'cat nap,' holding her feet together in front of the keepers' staff lounge during our lunch break. Katy will also play with Rocky when no one else wants too," said Primates Keeper Lisa Goodwin.

Katy is Rocky's biological mother, but she didn't raise him.

They're forming a relationship at the International Orangutan Center.

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