Ape Week: Azy

Ape Week: Azy
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Azy is intelligent, charming, easy-going, persistent and gentle.

The leader of the pack is Azy. He's the dominant male, and when you see him, you know he means business.

He make the ladies swoon too!

“We've often described Azy as the George Clooney of orangutans," says Jon Pilarski, the Area Manager of Primates.

At 36 years old, middle age for an orangutan, Azy is 250 pounds and stands 5 feet tall.

He's got a nine-foot arm span and big cheek pads and long hair that drives the females wild.

Pilarski says, “One of the things you'll notice with Azy is these large cheek pads, we call them flanges. And that's a distinguishing characteristic of all adult males.”

“Azy can be seen usually on second level where he is able to keep a close eye on everyone,” says Primates Keeper Lisa Goodwin. “It’s easier for him to see everything at that level. He also likes to sleep there at night. He likes to watch little children in the public area. I have seen him studying them intently while they dance around in front of him, just talking away.”

Azy keeps everyone in line, but also has 3 decades of education.

He knows a language that allows him to communicate on a computer.

"It might be the symbol for apple or the symbol for cup, but if you show him those items he can pick the symbol on a touch screen computer out of dozens of options," said Goodwin.

Azy's twice as big as the females at the International Orangutan Center, and the easily recognizable with the long hair that can look a bit like dreadlocks.

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