Another winter storm will tax budgets

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This Winter has been one for the history book, already taking its toll on Hoosiers mentally, physically and, for many cities and towns, battering the bottom line of their budgets.

A Winter Storm this weekend could bring as much as ten inches of snow, or ice in some areas. And that means once again a full force of snow plow crews will be working around the clock laying salt mixture and plowing miles of snow lanes.

As it has many times this year, the plan for the city of Indianapolis is to put 90 drivers on 12 hour shifts. But the man hours and supplies all come at a cost.

"It's a lot of money," lamented Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. "We're way, way over budget. But you've got to get the snow out if there, right?"

The city hopes to get $5-million in federal assistance.  But the city hasn't heard whether that will happen.  Ballard says Indianapolis will continue to clear roads and make up the budgetary shortfall later.  "Budgets are dynamic and we'll adjust as the year goes on," explained Ballard.

Area school districts will also be watching this latest snow prediction closely.  Many are already searching for ways to make up for lost class time caused by snow days.

If this latest round moves out in time, weekend crews may have enough time to clear roads before the start of school Monday.