Annual Indianapolis Garden Club tour

Tim 'Treeboy' Bush/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The Indianapolis Garden Club is inviting people to take their annual garden club tour, offering visitors a chance to see some of the most beautiful gardens in the area. Treeboy paid a visit to Carmel on Wednesday for details on this year's Indianapolis Garden Club Tour.

One specific garden, inspired by the owner's trips to Europe, is called a knot garden. "This means it has hedges that are very formal, very clipped," Garden tours' Sue Welch said. "The perennials that she uses she puts on the interior of that, so that gives a very neat, clean look. Particularly with perennials, because they don't behave very well sometimes."

A very formal and professional looking garden, the homeowner herself is the one working on it. Two distinct areas of the garden, the formal area and a more wooded area, encompass hidden treasures all around. Another garden on the tour is owned by a man who is a hosta propagator.

"As you visit, you can see all different ways that you can make this look work for your house," Welch said.

Part of the Indianapolis Garden Club's mission is to serve as an educational opportunity to connect with other gardeners and communicate about plants that are doing well, as well as to generate design ideas.

"Each of the people that visit our gardens get a plant list so that if they see something they particularly like, they can go out and potentially try and find it themselves," Welch said.

Visitors can take a garden walk on Wednesday from 9 am - 4 pm. The cost is $35, and of that, $25 is tax deductible. Tickets are sold at Charles Mayer located at 56th Street and Illinois, and also at Kogan Antiques in Zionsville. Information can also be found here.