Anne Marie Tiernon's Olympics blog: Women's hockey team reflects on loss

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I watched women's hockey team today dig deep.

Their loss to Canada 2-3 in overtime hurt. They shared they that got little to any sleep.

The had led their rivals for all but 55 seconds of the gold medal game, but in the end they loss in OT.

It was disappointing. It hurt. It wasn't what they expected.

Still, they got up today and made it through a day of questions.

A day of "what if's?"....a day they probably would rather have holed up in their dorm room.

I appreciate the candor and grace of Jessie Vetter, Amanda Kessel, Meghan Duggan, Julie Chu and their head coach Katey Stone.

They called the game numbing, and revealed they were devastated that they were not on the highest platform.

Devastated.  We didn't train as hard a we did to be in second place, the said. 

Still, they are proud to wear the USA Jersey.   They feel connected as a team.

They feel love and support from the States. They heard President Obama was trying to call them. 

They are, they insisted, going to be okay.

At the end of our interview, we had a group hug.  Julie Chu said, "Thanks...some times a hug is what you need."

I am thinking seeing the men beat Canada tonight, would also help! :)