Anne Marie Tiernon's Olympics blog: Laundry day

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Okay here it is, one thing I really don't like about the Olympic assignment: the laundry process.

The good news is there is a service, and the bill is eventually picked up by WTHR. That's great news actually.

But the process is, as the man behind me in a line today remarked with a heavy accent "rather embarrassing, isn't it?"

You carry your laundry on the bus to work. The laundry is downstairs in the media center. Often the line is long and slow because the process is tedious and yes, embarrassing.

You are required to empty your laundry bag on the counter so it can be counted.

"Yes, that is 5 pairs of socks," I say holding up 5 fingers. Repeat for 5 pairs of pants. And then...dread..."Yes, 5 pairs of underwear" as she picks them up one by one with her gloved hand.

It's the worst. I REALLY don't like it. I refuse to look around to see who may be standing behind me.

There has to be a better way. Anyway, I know I will be happy in two days, come pickup time.