Anne Marie Tiernon's Olympics blog: In search of...snow?

Dave Calabro and Anne Marie Tiernon with Nick Goepper
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NOTE: WTHR's crew of five people, including Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro, left Indianapolis for Sochi, Russia last Saturday. They'll be filing reports from Olympic Park during the Winter Games. Tune in to WTHR this Thursday at 7:30 pm for Olympic Zone, and watch our newscasts to get a sneak peek!

As we hear weather reports of accumulating snow there in Indy, here we are in search of snow!

We are preparing to board a bus to go to the mountain cluster. We hope to catch snowboarding and slope style practices today and talk with some of the athletes afterwords like Shaun White and skier Nick Goepper from Indiana.  

We are excited to see the Alpine areas and are layering up. We have enjoyed the warmer temperatures by the coastal area but believe after today it will truly feel more like the Winter Games.  

Several of our colleagues went yesterday and gave it high marks!  There is a train that takes an hour and a bus that takes a little bit longer. We may take one one direction and the other just to try out both modes of transportation. We are looking forward to a great day in the mountains!

Check out our gondola ride here!

Also, we should note that Shaun White is pulling out of the slopestyle event because of safety concerns. White issued a statement to the TODAY Show, saying he's decided to solely concentrate on the halfpipe. White jammed his left wrist during slopestyle practice Tuesday and was among riders complaining about unsafe conditions of the course. In the statement, he says "the potential of injury was too much to gamble other Olympics goals on."

We also hear from guest blogger Kasey Goepper today. She's Nick Goepper's sister. Nick will compete in men's slopestyle freestyle skiing.

Here's Kasey:

My mom and I started our journey to Russia yesterday! With multiple cancellations and delays I'm happy to say that we are finally almost there. The eight-hour flight to Paris was amazing because we each got our own TV's and could pick which movie we wanted to watch.

Landing in Paris was a lot different than landing anywhere in the US. Hardly an of the signs were in English and it was extremely hard to find people that spoke English. Even though we may not understand what each other is saying, the people were very nice and helpful.

Now landing in St. Petersburg was different. When we got off the plane none of the signs were in English so my mom and I just had to follow people around til we got to where we needed to be. Going through that airport was weird because they make you go through about three different security areas.

The people here are helpful but try to keep the conversations short. It seems as though everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere!

I have a feeling it's going to take a while for our bodies to adjust because it's about 3:30am and we are wide awake in the hotel room.

My mom and I are extremely thrilled to be headed to Sochi and can not wait to finally get there!