Anne Marie Tiernon's Olympics blog: Getting started

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NOTE: WTHR's crew of five people, including Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro, left Indianapolis for Sochi, Russia last Saturday. They'll be filing reports from Olympic Park during the Winter Games. Tune in to WTHR this Thursday at 7:30 pm for Olympic Zone, and watch our newscasts to get a sneak peek!

We spent most of the day today unpacking the crates we packed up and shipped out in October.

The NBC space we sublet has phone/power/table and chairs. We bring everything else like laptops, editors, printers; lots of cables, power converters, microphones, pens, staplers etc.

(Yes, stapler. I am a big fan of the mini stapler, because we collect so many business cards, they are easy to lose if you don't staple them in your notebook ASAP.) 

We have had some power and connectivity issues. We estimate our capabilities are at roughly 70 percent, because of blown fuses, a blown converter and a couple computers that just won't connect to our servers.  Glad to have most of this technical stuff taken care of, because without it, we can't transmit our stories!

More interesting:

Right outside the NBC commissary where we will eat most meals, is a Starbucks stand. It's VERY popular and so far has had a line all day.  I've already been there twice. Welcome perk :) I've found the double tall nonfat latte is good fuel for minimizing the effects of jet lag.

Overall impressions:  The sky is blue and the sun is shining and it's 45 degrees.  It sounds like the weather is MUCH better than back in Indy.  The Olympic Park is impressive and vacant right now.  We have a view of the mountains from our office space and we are anxious to go to the mountain cluster to check it out. 

Right now our plan is to go there on Wednesday and check out Hoosier Olympian Nick Goepper practice his Freeski Slopestyle.  He competes Thursday, Feb. 13th.  We have a good team, we are working together and looking forward to getting out of the office and covering the competition.