Angry San Diego restaurant owner offers free tacos when L.A. Chargers lose


SAN DIEGO (WTHR) - Lots of teams have special food discounts when they win or score a certain number of points, for example.

For instance, the Colts offer 50% off any Papa John's order the day after the team wins. If the Pacers' opponent misses 5 free throws during a game, you get a free sausage biscuit at Hardee's the next day.

This, though, is a bit different.

After the Los Angeles Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles before the start of this season, one San Diego Mexican restaurant owner s offering customers a free taco the day after any Los Angeles Chargers loss.

Victor Lopez runs El Pollo Grill just south of San Diego and, as you can see, is quite unhappy about the Chargers' move.

Lopez said he was a lifelong Chargers fan until the team moved. He's so angry about the team leaving San Diego that he's celebrating each Chargers loss by giving away free tacos.

Customers must say the secret words to the cashier, which are "Spanos Taco." Alex Spanos owns the Chargers, and is responsible for the team leaving San Diego.