Angie's List: Home automation systems

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Have you ever left home and forgotten to close your garage door, or had a toilet overflow and keep going all day while you're at work? A home automation system could save you some worry.

A home automation system connects everything in your home, and when Annie Reist remodeled her grandmother's house, she had everything synced.

"We did the home security, surround sound, speakers, audio system throughout the house and Savant control so with that we can control everything from our TV to our alarm to music to audio all on our iPhones and iPads," she said.

Simplifying your home is one reason for the home automation system. It can also connect your alarm system with your fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

"You can arm and disarm your security system from wherever you are and see the zone status. You can control your climate; you can adjust your temperature," said Ryan McDaniel, One-Touch Automation.

So, how much does a home automation system cost? They are expensive, starting at around $2,000, and can be as detailed as the homeowner wants. Check with your homeowner's insurance because there may be a discount.

"What you might not realize is that there may be discounts available to you on your homeowner's insurance because you have one. So be sure you are understanding the full costs and benefits before installing," said Angie Hicks, Angie's List founder.

Home automation systems may also save you energy costs. The technology can automatically shut off appliances when they're not in use to conserve energy.

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