Andrew Luck presents Change the Play Kids Wellness Challenge at WTHR Health and Fitness Expo

Andrew Luck, Colts quarterback

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck returns to the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo this April to present his Change the Play Kids Wellness Challenge. The expo takes place on April 26th and 27th, 2014.

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health developed the program in conjunction with Andrew Luck. He'll attend the expo to demonstrate some of the health and fitness challenges, and he'll encourage parents to register their children for the eight-week program. Be sure to catch Luck at noon at the Indiana State Fairgrounds this Sunday.

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Andrew Luck is not only the program's official spokesperson, but also its biggest champion. He appreciates the importance that exercise, nutrition and informed decision-making play in building a foundation for a lifetime of health living.

The Change the Play challenge is a statewide program that focuses on empowering kids and their families to make better fitness, nutrition and health choices. Andrew is compelled to help make a difference in the lives of Indiana children. 

Andrew Luck is a kid at heart. He's not afraid to jump in mix it up. He enjoys spending time with kids, so the project is a perfect fit.

"It's always great, much better than sitting down to do interviews with you!" he joked with WTHR's crew.

"It's always fun to be around kids, especially when you are out being active, maybe trying to teach them how to throw a football or teach them a little tip or pointer. Just to get out and have fun. I know when I was a kid, I think being outside helped me in the classroom. It helped me socially, just learning how to get your heart rate up and to do things. It's fun," said Luck.

"I wanted to get involved in the community, obviously, and Riley Hospital for Children is so well-respected and does so many great things for this state and for the children of the Midwest, I thought why not get involved with such a great program. It was a no-brainer," said Luck.

Luck says he was an active kid, in large part because of his parents.

"I feel very blessed that my parents encouraged me to go outside. We weren't sitting around in front of the TV all day. You obviously have your days where all you want to do is watch TV but we were encouraged to go out and find friends, organize a basketball game, soccer game, go hiking, walk the dog, whatever that may be. That's something I hold dear to me, going outside," he said.

Luck says his own routine is always varied.

"We have great coaches that'll plan a workout for me," he said. "When I was a kid it seemed like I tried to play a different sport every day growing up. Shooting hoops and throwing the football with my Dad in the front yard, kicking a soccer ball around with my little brother, playing baseball. I've never played lacrosse, but learning how to throw a lacrosse ball with a stick. Different things like that, and that's what I enjoy."

"Healthy living, healthy tips from my vantage point as a professional athlete that maybe other folks may not know, so try and pass some of that on. I'm looking forward to it. Should be a good time," said Luck.

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