Andrew Luck partners with Riley Hospital

Andrew Luck

IU Health scored big Tuesday as Andrew Luck joined their team.

The Colts quarterback is teaming up with Riley Hospital for Children for the "Change the Play" program.

"It is a paid partnership. I won't get into the details of that but I think it will be a great deal and I think it will benefit both of us," he told Eyewitness News.

We asked him about the possibility of going to St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

"That is Peyton's deal and what a great deal it is. You know, the more I have learned about this city; how many great things Peyton did for everybody here and what a great deal his children's hospital is up there...but I figure maybe do my own thing and start a different path," he said.

Luck says he wants to promote physical activity, nutrition and health education. He says as long as he is Colts quarterback, he'd like this partnership to be in place.

"I like the idea of promoting healthy habits, healthy activities, eating right, studying hard. It's still somewhat of a blank slate which is fine because I feel like we can collaborate a lot on what to do when to do it so I'm really looking forward to it," Luck said.

The program will probably include some football or other sports camps "to lead a decent example of a healthy life," Luck said.

He praised the Riley facility.

"Obviously it's a beautiful new facility, beautiful new tower. I had a chance a couple of times to go around and visit the wards and some of the patients and it's always a very humbling experience because there are always so many inspirational children and families behind these children; what they have to go through and see how hard they are fighting of diseases, see how upbeat they can be. It's amazing, so it's always inspiring to me to come here and hear their stories," he said.