Andrew Luck appears in odd YouTube video

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Andrew Luck agreed to show off a bit of his goofy side in a new YouTube video.

The video can really only be described as bizarre, but that was the intention. According to the description, Brad Blevins got the actual players from his fantasy football team to join him in making the video, including Luck.

Who is Brad Blevins? A character from The Onion's web series "Tough Season," a mockumentary series tracking the progress of a fictional fantasy football league.

That sentence alone should shed some light on what kind of video would likely be created to promote the second season of such a show. If it wasn't, you should also know we're talking about a music video for the single from Blevins' equally fictional new karaoke album, "Cheeseburger in a Coconut."

Still not enough? Think "Sharknado," but with a smaller budget and less of a plot.

Not your thing? Well, you may want to watch it anyway. It's Andrew Luck, after all.

Click here if you don't see the video above this story.