Andretti: IndyCar call on Hinch correct at Barber

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Michael Andretti believes IndyCar made the right call in leaving James Hinchcliffe's disabled vehicle stranded on the course for the entire race at Barber.

Hinchcliffe's car was damaged on the first lap, which led to a tire problem two laps later.
IndyCar officials didn't have enough time under caution to tow Hinchcliffe back to the pits, so his car was pulled out of the way. There wasn't another caution, and Hinchcliffe was stranded on the course for 87 laps.

Andretti said Saturday that IndyCar should never throw a yellow flag to tow a car back to the pits, and series officials have to consider the quality of the race over helping one competitor.
Hinchcliffe wound up with a last-place finish that dropped him from first to fifth in the standings.

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