Anderson students stay busy despite canceled classes

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The decision to delay or close schools due to cold weather impacts both students and their parents.

In Anderson, students with a day off Monday were busy on the basketball court. Keyounis Woods has been there every single one of the seven snow days he's had.

"Trying to improve my shot and my dribbling. Playing with people better than me gets me better," said Woods, an eighth grader.

But the game is inside. No one is playing outside with wind chills dipping to -30 degrees or lower.

"There is no magic number or particular threshold," said Anderson Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Tim Edsell.

Due to the extreme cold on Sunday, Anderson school administrators decided to delay classes for two hours. By 6 a.m. Monday, the decision was made to cancel.

The fear is frostbite or worse while students walked or waited for buses.

"We want to make sure we provide a safe coming and going to school as best we can with the weather that we have this winter," Edsell said.

Even with the brutal winter, Carolyn Haynes would rather drive her kids to the Geater Community Center in Anderson and let them play than keep them cooped up at home.

"They can play basketball, they can they can play pool, lots of things, work out in the exercise room," she said. "If they stay at home, they play their game and that gets boring."

While they may not be in the classroom, they're still earning.

"We're very concerned about the discipline and the attitude and just how to conduct yourself as a good citizen in the public," said Sports and Rec Manager Michael Davis. "They're getting a lesson here, that's for sure, yes sir."