Anderson Police charge teen in rape of 93-year-old woman

The attack took place on a quiet street.

Anderson Police have made an arrest in the rape of a 93-year-old woman in July.

Police held a news conference Monday afternoon to announce charges against 17-year-old Iquise Vernell Taylor.

Joel Sandefur with Anderson Police confirmed Friday that a juvenile was in custody at the Madison County Juvenile Center on an unrelated charge.

Amelia Rudolf and her family made the extraordinary decision to speak out publicly, to be an example, perhaps an inspiration, for other victims of similar crimes.

"I feel happy that they took the fella that...this happened. I'm glad that they found him," Rudolf said. "I was just kind of wondering how he was brought up. His parents didn't teach him to do right."

Amelia's family says they hope they can be an inspiration to other victims and their families. They also praised the police department for their work.

"I didn't think it would be this soon," said Rudolf, who was afraid she wouldn't see justice in her lifetime.

"She experienced a horrific and unimaginable event. This event has undoubtedly changed her life," said Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw.

A neighbor saw an area teenager acting oddly that night. DNA and other evidence led police to Taylor.

"I know when his judgement day comes, I want him to be terrified when the devil comes to take him," said Amelia's daughter, Tresa Hale.

The family says they wouldn't expect anything of their mother but a full recovery.

"May God help him," said the victim's daughter, speaking of the suspect.

Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said if Taylor is convicted, he would expect a sentence of 40-50 years behind bars.

Amelia's family is now intent on healing and making new, better memories.

About the attack 

The attack occurred in July in the 3600 block of Hamilton Place, and the incident left neighbors scared and angry.

"A lot of us here live by ourselves and we never thought something like that would happen here," said neighbor Loretta Brown.

Investigators say the suspect broke into the elderly woman's home, then sexually assaulted her. The woman was sleeping at the time and awoke to find the attacker in her bedroom.

Police say there was no theft and no vandalism. They believe the criminal's sole motive was assault.

"It's pretty bad when you go and do something like that to a 90-year-old woman, you know," Auker said.

"It's a heinous crime. It's disturbing," said Anderson Police Detective Joel Sandefur. "Those are the ones that we really need to protect and that's exactly what we're doing. We are working tirelessly to bring this person to justice."

Investigators say the 93-year-old victim was released from the hospital and is staying with family away from the home where she lived alone.

Police also stepped up patrols in the neighborhood after the incident.

"They've had this area covered, day and night," Auker said.

But with such a vulnerable victim and such a disturbing attack, there was still a lot of fear.