Anderson PD loses second police dog within month


An Anderson police dog has died after being shot in the line of duty Saturday. It's the second K-9 that the Anderson Police Department has lost while on duty over the past month.

Anderson Police confirm K-9 Magnum died from his injuries. Magnum was shot Saturday while searching for a suspected bank robber.

The shooting followed a bank robbery at the near the intersection of Drexel and Nickel Avenue at a PNC bank branch. It took officers nearly three hours to find the suspect and take him into custody.

Anderson Police officers spent much of Saturday searching a wooded area and nearby field looking for the weapon used in the shooting of one of their canines.

"This is our second canine shot in the line of duty in three weeks," explained Anderson Police Department spokesman Joel Sandefur.

It all started Saturday morning when police say Joseph Turner held up a PNC bank and took off on a bike. Anderson K-9 Officer Matt Jaret caught up with Turner in a nearby wheat field.

Sandefur told Eyewitness News, "The K-9 handler released his dog. The suspect fired on the dog, striking the dog. Then he fled into the wood line."

With Turner still on the run, Madison County SWAT officers went into the field to rescue the dog, Magnum, and rush him to a nearby animal hospital.

A few hours later, SWAT found Turner in a bean field and arrested him.

Jennifer Kirby watched everything unfold. She says this kind of violence makes her uneasy.

"This does because I just live right there and with it being so close it does because I've got a little girl," says Kirby.

Last month, an Anderson officer was shot and a K-9 killed when a New Castle man opened fire in Pendleton.

"Our K-9 corp is a tight knit group of individuals. They understand what their dogs are. They are an instrument of law enforcement but there is human attachment that one has with a dog, their dog. Their partner," said Sandefur.

This shooting leaves its mark on the department. Once a four K-9 team, now only two remain on the job.

According to police Magnum was shot in the nose. The bullet traveled down into his lungs.