Anderson mother arrested for bringing gun to child's school

Bonnie Trahan
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A 27-year-old Anderson woman was arrested after police say she took a loaded handgun to her child's school.

Anderson Police arrested Bonnie Trahan on Wednesday morning for possession of a firearm on school property, a class D felony. Police say Trahan brought a loaded .40 caliber Glock to the meeting.

Administrators at Saint Mary's School on Pearl St. in Anderson alerted police after a meeting with Trahan in the morning. They say Trahan, who was meeting with the school principal to discuss a matter between her eight-year-old child and another student, told school staff that she felt her son wasn't safe at school.

During the meeting, which included Trahan, her child, her brother and two school administrators, she referred to the fact that she was carrying a gun before pointing to it in her back pocket and saying how easy it was to bring a gun to school.

According to police, Trahan pulled the gun from its holster and threw it down on the table.

"And said, 'This is how unsafe the school is, basically. I can bring a gun in," said Anderson Police Det. Joel Sandifur. "Bring a gun, elevate it to that level and actually, someone could have been killed."

She then picked it up again, placed the gun back into her pants and left the school.

Wednesday night, Trahan told Eyewitness News the incident was a mistake and a misunderstanding.

"It was an accident. I did not mean to bring the firearm into the school with me," she said. "I just completely forgot that I had it on me. I have it on me all the time.

"I did take it out, but I did not slam it on the table. I did not, in any way, shape or form, threaten anybody with it. When she asked me to leave, I left."

School administrators quickly placed the school on lockdown and notified the police.

Officers confronted Trahan in the school parking lot and arrested her, although she'd already gone home and secured the weapon by that point. After speaking with officers, Trahan took them to her house and showed them where she kept the weapon.

"Clearly, she was in the wrong," Sandifur said.

Officers took the gun into custody for safe-keeping. Trahan was taken to the Madison County Detention Center. She faces up to three years in prison.

"I made a mistake," she said.