Amy Adams gives up first class for serviceman

Journalist Ernest Owens took a selfie with Amy Adams on the flight. (Photo: Twitter/Ernest Owens)
 A seat swap is earning Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams heaps of praise.

Adams was flying from Detroit to Los Angeles Friday when she arranged to trade seats with a U.S. soldier she saw at her gate in the terminal. Once they boarded, the soldier took Adams seat in first-class, while the "American Hustle" star found her place in coach seating.

ESPN host Jemele Hill was also on the flight and noticed Adams' exchange.

"I'm an even bigger fan now," Hill tweeted after describing what she saw.

Another journalist on the flight, USA Today writer Ernest Owens, ended up sitting next to Adams, who posed for a smiling selfie.

After the flight, Adams, whose father is in the military, told Inside Edition the swap was about the soldier, not herself.

"I didn't do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the troops," she said.

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