Amish horse teams batter newly-paved roads

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WASHINGTON, Ind. (AP) - Officials in a rural southern Indiana county say newly paved roads intended to give a boost to economic development are being damaged by the steel horseshoes on horse teams used by the region's large Amish population.

Daviess County has more gravel roads than any other Indiana county, with nearly 600 miles of gravel roads. County officials have been using grant money to pave some of those roads with asphalt.

But County Highway Supervisor Phil Cornelius says the steel horseshoes on horses pulling Amish buggies are damaging the roads almost as soon as the asphalt paving goes down.

Daviess County Councilman Mike Sprinkle tells the Washington Times-Herald the county spent $1.2 million last fall to pave roads that are already damaged. He says the county needs to find a solution.

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