Amid turmoil, Indianapolis couple adopts two Ukrainian teens

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An Indianapolis firefighter is currently in Ukraine despite all of the unrest there. He and his wife are in the middle of adopting two teenagers. His wife is staying in contact from central Indiana.

It's a portrait of a happy family. The picture taken over the summer when Lucases hosted 17-year-old Dominick and his 15-year-old sister Emily. The teens are orphans from Ukraine. Soon after the siblings arrived in Avon and spent a month with their own biological children Levi and Bella, it was clear there was a deep connection.

"We have raised five children and we have grandchildren. We were not looking to adopt. But once they got here, we just had to," explained Cathy Lucas.

That led to a six-month-long bureaucratic roller coaster ride. It's culminated with Carl Lucas, an IFD firefighter, traveling to Ukraine to make the adoption official and bring the children home.

"We know there's a lot of people sending out positive thoughts and prayers for us and he's there, it is what it is and we just take it one day at a time," said Cathy.

Carls' trip last week came at the height of unrest in the eastern European country. Nearly 100 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in violent riots in the capital of Kiev.

"These are our kids and people have asked, 'Carl, 'why would you do that? Why would you go over there with it being so dangerous? And he said, 'if your child was there, what would you do?'" she said.

Cathy speaks to Carl on a daily basis. She looks at pictures from the past summer, hoping there are more fun times like these in the near future, once everyone is back home together.

"It's kind of like waiting on a baby. That's how I feel. I'm just giving birth to two teenagers," he said.

Carl and his children should be back in Indiana in about two weeks. Right now they are in Odessa, they'll be traveling to Kiev next week for medical check-ups and passports. They hope to be here around March 18th.