American Pride: The young Olympic revolution

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Chants of ‘Merica ring out. Giant American flags draped over several friends holding up peace signs. Red, white, and blue tweets pour over the twittersphere.

The amount of American pride in today's youth is astounding. Find me one person who hasn't tweeted #GoTeamUSA at least one time during the span of the Olympics and I probably won't believe you.

No, we weren't around during the "Miracle on Ice." No, we weren't around during the "Tonya Harding scandal." But we are around now, and we are making our USA pride known loud and clear.

In today's society, being divided is normal. Something as simple as liking a different sports team than another can drive up a wall between two people.

Being underneath the great umbrella of America we are naturally bonded together. The amount of pride pouring from young generations makes for a very promising future. By starting out younger, the pride will surely grow along with us.

We have our own moments of Olympic pride. The US vs France 4x200 meter freestyle relay victory will forever be in our memory(Remember that Michael Phelps screaming and flexing iconic picture?) Now this year with the ice hockey games, even though both women's and men's lost to Canada, American pride still swells.

Every Fourth of July, every Toby Keith concert, every Fifa World Cup; We cheer on America.

Go ahead and take that American flag holding it out with your arms extended. Take a picture of yourself proud to be from the United States. #MericaSelfie