American Idol contestant's sister excited despite disappointment

American Idol contestant's sister excited despite disappointment
Melinda Doolittle with Pam Mapp and Mapp's daughter Kaylin
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Kevin Rader/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - No matter where you've been today most likely you have heard one person talking about American Idol. One of the contestants has family here in Indianapolis. Melinda Doolittle didn't make it to the finals, but her sister in Indianapolis says she's already exceeded all expectations.

It is the most popular show on television and Melinda Doolittle is one of the most popular contestants - or she was until she was booted off American Idol on Wednesday night. Who could imagine that would have such a profound effect on someone here in Indianapolis? After all, Melinda Doolittle had become like family.

"We're a close knit family," said Pam Mapp. Melinda is Mapp's younger sister. "She is well on her way to great great things. I just thank God for using American Idol to open so many doors for her. I just can't wait to see what happens next for her."

Pam Mapp and her daughter Kaylin, 11, had front row seats for last week's show. They took pictures with Jordan, another with Blake, and yes, they even took one with Simon.

Kaylin even got her aunt's autograph.

Pam Mapp works as an account executive at New Horizons in Indianapolis, where she has lived for nine years. She says Melinda has stopped in for more than a few visits.

So what was it like watching her sister get voted off?

"Surprisingly it was peace. My daughter was upset so that was my first comfort but when I saw she was okay, I was okay," she said.

"To me it is not he who finishes the race first it is those who endureth to the end. And she will be around. I hope to hear and see much more from her and hopefully American will too." said Mapp.

Pam Mapp admits watching her sister sign autographs is a little hard to get used to. She says she has yet to speak to her sister but she has talked to the family gathered in LA and they say Melinda is doing just fine.