Amber Alert issued for Indianapolis baby

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It has been two days since an Indianapolis man claims two people abducted his six-week-old son in a violent attack. The Amber Alert is still out for Delano Wilson.

The family announced Friday they are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the baby's safe return.

Both parents are pleading for their son's return and together they're posting fliers with his picture. Dive teams from the Indianapolis Fire Department and Department of Natural Resources were searching shallow parts of the White River Thursday evening, and authorities resumed the search Friday morning by bringing in busloads of people to help in the search.

"We asked our academy class to come out here," IMPD Chief of Police Rick Hite said Friday. "We have the FBI here, we have our team, this is what leadership is about. We have to be in the trenches. I am still a cop. I am a grandfather. I feel for that grandmother, I feel for that mother, I feel for the father. i just think that its important that we show we care as a community and big or small when the investigation takes place in the community the chief should be involved in some way.

Police moved to a wooded area after learning that the dogs with the search k-9 teams picked up scent that may belong to Delano Wilson or his father.

Photo: IMPD recruits help in the search of 6-week-old Delano Wilson. Photo Courtesy of IMPD.

Friday's search area includes land up to Oliver Street to the south, the railroad tracks to the north, Harding Street to the east and Reisner Street to the west.

The search will continue there until it is determined nothing is there.

Photo: Police guard their next search area Friday morning at Oliver and Harding Streets in the case of the missing one-month-old, Delano Wilson.

Photo: Midwest Search and Rescue crews began to arrive around 9 a.m. Friday at the Harding and Oliver Street location to resume the search for Delano Wilson.

Photo: IMPD recruits prepare to help in the search for Delano Wilson Friday morning.

Police would not say what specifically led them to that area of the White River, only that it was close to where the infant was last seen.

The Amber Alert is out after police say the baby was abducted during an attack in broad daylight. Thursday morning, the baby's mother made an emotional plea.

"Please, just please bring my baby back. He is just one month old," said Taniasha Perkins, crying as she spoke to reporters.

Police say Delano Wilson was snatched from his father's arms in an alley around noon Wednesday. An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday evening.

The victim says he was robbed and pistol-whipped near the intersection of South Harding and Henry Streets.

He says a man and woman took off with the baby in a blue Ford Taurus.

We talked with the baby's mother, who says she's desperate to hold her baby again.

"My family loves my child. I just gave birth to him. He is my one and only son, my first born. I just want to know why. Why would you take my baby?" asked Taniasha.

Leaning on family to literally hold her up, Taniasha Perkins tells of the nightmare she's lived since her son was taken nearly 24 hours earlier.

"I can't stand on my own two feet, I can't breathe, I can't sleep at night. I'm tossing and turning thinking about a million things that's going on with my son. Anything can happen," said Taniasha.

"The most important thing is we just want him home. We just want him back home. You can drop him off at the fire station. I wouldn't care if you dropped him off at the BP and sit him at the register, let the cashier know, 'hey, I found this baby,' and leave. It's no animosity right now. We just want him back," said Aisha Perkins, Taniasha's cousin.

Taniasha says she just got a job two days ago so she could better take care of Delano.

"He means the world to me and his dad. We are good parents. We work hard. We work really hard to provide for our child and for you to take him a way is tearing a hole in my family and in my heart," said Taniasha.

"We don't need this. We don't deserve this. We just need justice right now. Hopefully, God will bring him back to us," said Romel Perkins, Taniasha's brother.

It's a family torn apart, waiting, hoping and praying for the missing piece to end their pain.

"I'm asking the public to please speak out and tell the truth on where my son is. I need my son back with me," said Taniasha.

Amber Alert information

Metro police say Delano Wilson, a black male about 16 inches long, weighing 12 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, was last seen around noon Wednesday in an alley in the 1400 block of Henry Street. He is believed to be in extreme danger.

The baby was wearing a dark blue onesie when he was last seen.

"Approximately 12 o'clock, IMPD was dispatched to the intersection of South Harding and Henry Street on a person robbed. When officers got there, the male victim indicated to us that he was walking down the street when a white male and Hispanic female approached him, robbed him and pistol-whipped him," said IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams. "In the occurrence of the assault, the victim fell to the ground. When he regained consciousness, he saw his six-week-old baby in a cover being taken away."

The victim described the male suspect as 25-30 years old, standing 5'6"-5'9" tall with a medium build with short brown hair. The reported suspect was wearing a black "do rag," a red t-shirt, blue jean shorts and red, blue and black tennis shoes.

The man was accompanied by a Hispanic female, 25-30 years old with a thin build and long brown hair. The woman was wearing a green shirt and matching green hoop earrings.

The suspects were last seen driving an older model blue 2000-03 four-door Ford Taurus.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Delano Wilson or his abductors, you are urged to call IMPD at 317-327-6540 or 1-888-58AMBER.

Photo: The alley where the father told police the baby was abducted.

23-year-old Willie Wilson and 22-year-old Taniasha Perkins are the baby's parents.

Photo: Taniasha Perkins and Willie Wilson prior to the birth of Delano Wilson.

Willie Wilson was arrested on unrelated drug charges Wednesday evening:

Wilson says the woman in the car appeared reluctant about what took place. He says he blacked out during the attack. However, he believes there were witnesses who drove by the scene, and he wants them to come forward.