Amazon hiring for holiday jobs at central Indiana locations

Jamillah Radcliff
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The last jobs report before the all-important general election came out Friday with mixed news. The number of jobs added was 171,000, up from the expected 125,000. But unemployment also grew slightly from 7.8% to 7.9%. While more people are still looking for work, there is work available - for the holiday season, at least.

In central Indiana, Amazon is gearing up for one of its biggest online shopping seasons ever. Busy sales translate to more jobs at its distribution centers.

"I usually throw junk mail away, but this caught my attention with the now hiring and the wage was on the high side," said Eric Edwards, a job seeker.

Amazon needs so many people that it's actually hunting them down through the mailbox.

"It's not often a job comes to you where you open the mailbox and they say, 'come apply for a job,'" Eyewitness News said to Jamillah Radcliff, a job seeker.

"No, it's not. So, I think it's really amazing to give people a chance to get on their feet where they need to be," she said.

Getting on her feet is what Jamillah Radcliff is desperately trying to do. She's been out of work for a year. But just when she needs to provide Christmas for her four children, Amazon is also getting ready for Christmas.

Through Integrity Staffing, they're hiring more than 6,000 people to meet the holiday rush at five distribution centers in Indy. With the "click it and get it" process easier and more attractive than ever, online shopping is expected to push more than ten percent higher than last year for nearly $100 billion in sales.

"It was a little tighter last year than this time this year. There's a lot more jobs available. It seems like a lot more people are willing to hire now. So times are kind of easing up on us," said Edwards.

Edwards is a small business owner who makes a living out of having fun.

"It's a character business where you can order Diego, Spongebob, Dora. So, I usually dress up like a character and do children's parties," said Edwards.

But when the weather turns cold, so does his business. Edwards is not alone in feeling the hiring relief.

"I feel blessed to get employment since it was so hard for so many people for so long," said Edwards.

"I'm very excited and I hope I do get offered this job. It will keep me moving forward," said Radcliff.

Not to be outdone by early holiday specials at the brick and mortar stores, Amazon started some Black Friday specials today - three weeks early.

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