Alleged police impersonator charged in July rape

Terry Duckworth
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A 67-year-old Anderson man is accused of posing as a police officer and raping a young mother, and detectives are concerned there could be other victims out there.

Terry Lee Duckworth is in the Madison County Jail on a $50,000 full cash only bond. He was arrested for one count of rape and another count of criminal deviate conduct, both Class B felonies.

"He said he was an Anderson Police officer and he told his victims that they had to perform sexual acts or he wouldn't let them go," said Detective Joel Sandefur, Anderson Police Department.

Police say in July, a 24-year-old mother was pushing her one-year-old daughter near a downtown Anderson park when Duckworth came up to her and began to talk about the weather. The young mother walked back to her apartment. She says Duckworth followed her home and complimented her on how attractive she was, and asked her if she was hungry or if she needed money.

The woman said she told Duckworth she wasn't interested in him, but as she went inside her apartment, Duckworth followed her in and attacked her. The woman fought back and tried to escape to another room, but says Duckworth was able to reach her and attack her a second time.

Duckworth allegedly told the woman that he was an Anderson Police officer and that she was going to be arrested for prostitution after soliciting him for sex in exchange for money, as well as being arrested for battery.

"Thankfully the child was not harmed. His attention was on the mother," said Det. Sandefur.

The woman reported the incident to Anderson Police, and an investigation led to Duckworth's eventual arrest.

Duckworth was sent to jail for four years after threatening to kill a woman in 2007. His victim in that crime was horrified to find out about the latest accusation.

"I'm appalled he is even released from prison, given his prior criminal record," she said. The woman did not wish her name to be used in this report.

Terry Duckworth has a long history of run-ins with the law. Prior to this arrest and the prison time he served for threatening the woman in 2007, Duckworth was accused of stabbing and killing a woman in 1979. A jury eventually acquitted Duckworth on those charges.

Now Anderson Police, along with Duckworth's former victim, are hoping that more women will come forward if they were harmed.

"It is not okay to be assaulted by a man. Please come forward. He is not a police officer. He will never get out of prison again," she said.

Police say a similar case involving stalking was filed in January within months of when Duckworth got out of jail for that intimidation conviction.