Alleged Indiana murder accomplice freed over error

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A northern Indiana woman sentenced to 55 years in prison for allegedly helping kill a 94-year-old woman is now free after crucial fingerprint evidence in her 2005 trial was found to be inaccurate.

Lana Canen was released Friday from the Elkhart County Jail after being transferred there from a southern Indiana prison where she had been serving her sentence.

WSBT-TV and WNDU-TV report a judge authorized Canen's release after prosecutors dismissed her murder conviction in Helen Sailor's 2002 slaying. That came after a police detective who had identified a fingerprint found at Sailor's apartment as Canen's admitted his result were wrong.

Canen and co-defendant Andrew Royer were both sentenced to 55 years in prison for Sailor's death. Royer, who allegedly strangled Sailor, is still serving his sentence.

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