Alleged Broad Ripple self-defense shooter in court

Tristan Crayton

The man claiming self-defense in the shooting of four people in Broad Ripple appeared in court Tuesday. Tristan Clayton's family members attended the hearing, but left quickly once it was over.

The judge gave prosecutors additional time to file criminal charges against Crayton. The shootings occurred early Friday morning.

Police say the Westfield man admitted shooting the men after an argument and fight. The 26-year-old claims the men punched his friend in the face and tried to attack him. Family members believe him.

"He is a good, responsible person. He's never been in trouble before. He works and takes care of his family. He's young. I don't understand what is going on with it. It was self-defense," said William Crayton, a family member.

Crayton is being held on preliminary charges of battery and criminal recklessness. Formal charges are expected to be filed late Tuesday or Wednesday.

The four injured men, one of whom wasn't involved in the argument, are expected to make full recoveries.