Alleged accomplice's testimony may be key to case


The testimony of a felon already convicted in the 2000 killings of a former Indiana state trooper's family could be the key to whether David Camm is convicted of murder a third time or walks away a free man after 11 years in prison.

Charles Boney is expected to testify next week, the third week of Camm's third trial in the shooting deaths of his wife and two children.

Indiana University School of Law professor Fran Watson says "it all comes down to Boney."

Prosecutors maintain that tiny blood stains on Camm's clothing show he shot the victims, and say that Boney conspired with Camm.

Watson says defense lawyers can challenge Boney's credibility and argue that Boney's DNA was found on Camm's wife and daughter. They say Camm wasn't involved.

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