Alex Tagliani pays off wager with beaver-suit stunts

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IndyCar driver Alex Tagliani has paid off a bet to fellow driver Scott Dixon by wearing a beaver costume while riding a tricycle and milking a cow at the Indiana State Fair.

The stunts Monday made good on a wager Tagliani lost to Dixon over raising money for charities through an initiative called the Power of 2. Dixon raised $1,130 more than Tagliani over two weeks. Together, the two raised more than $13,000.

Tagliani also tried unsuccessfully to ring the bell at the "Strong Man" game on the midway and had photos taken with the fair's "world's largest male hog" and the "world's largest popcorn ball."

Tagliani, still wearing the beaver suit, prevailed over Dixon when the two raced go-karts for five laps on a quarter-mile banked oval track. He was later photographed enjoying a strawberry milkshake.

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