Airport marks fifth anniversary

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This is the fifth anniversary of the new Indianapolis International Airport, which has been winning awards. Meanwhile, the old terminal is now in cleanup mode. 

Crews are picking up piles of concrete and steel.  But there is much more going on out there than just the cleanup. 

"We are looking for a tenant who has an aeronautical purpose for that area," said Robert Duncan, the airport's executive director. "The old tenant area has 50 acres of terminal ramp in front of it, so some kind of aeronautical reuse be it. Any type of use that would require access to the airfield would be satisfactory for us." 

The old area has 50 acres of terminal ramp in front of it so the aeronautical use certainly makes sense.   

But all of this does beg the question.  Why has demolition taken so long?  Duncan says it really hasn't. 

"Actually it did not take long to demolish the old terminal building.  Everything was determined to be demolished, the concrete contract was let in mid-summer, and the completion date is December 31st of this year, so it has only been a six month project."

The old parking garage has not been demolished.  It will stay and is hoped will be an added selling point for any potential buyer.