Airport getting back on schedule after weather cancellations

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Indianapolis International Airport is trying to get travelers back on schedule after dozens of flights were canceled earlier this week.

Friday morning, thousands of travelers are eager to board their on-time flights. Many of these travelers already had plans to fly out today, which is making it that much harder for travelers looking to re-book their flights after Wednesday's cancellations. Weather today is not expected to be a problem, either in to or out of Indianapolis International. That means flights should be running on time.

Wednesday morning was an entirely different story, as visibility from the snow storm was a huge problem. The high winds and driving snows made it next to impossible to drive, much less to fly.

While airport crews did their part to try and clear the runways, the blizzard conditions covered them right back up again. This lead to an abundance of flight cancellations, and nearly no on-time take offs or arrivals.

For those who were planning vacations away from Central Indiana, the news was hard to take. A large percentage of flights were canceled leaving many travelers stranded, and many of them were forced to return home until they could catch another flight.

One Indiana family was hoping to escape the cold for a little rest and relaxation, but when they quickly learned that the weather had another idea. "We're going to Miami hopefully," the family said. "We've been planning this for six months now. Our next flight out is probably Saturday, or Sunday or Monday."

The airport has remained open, mainly utilizing one single runway so that crews could concentrate resources and keep it safe and usable. Airport administrators tell us this has provided ample capacity for the reduced flight activity.

For flight times and delays visit the Indianapolis International Airport's website.