Airborne security set for Super Bowl

Citation jet
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Thousands of fans are pouring in to New Jersey and New York for Sunday's Super Bowl. The event requires a massive amount of security, and WTHR got an inside look at what it takes to make the Super Bowl safe.

Weather won't be a concern at MetLife Stadium, with clear skies and temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. But security is a focal point.

Customs and Border Protection has a fleet of aircraft at a secret location, and a CBP Citation jet used to patrol the US border in Arizona was brought in for the big game. Its job is to intercept any aircraft that comes within a 30-mile no-fly zone around MetLife Stadium - and to determine if it's friend or foe.

"We'll try to make radio contact with it," explained pilot David Ray. "Tell them where we are, who we are, what we'd like them to do."

The aircraft has night vision and long-range cameras that can zero in on another plane's tail number. Then it feeds back live video to agents on the ground to identify the pilot, flight plan and whether or not the plane is stolen.

If they don't comply, the Citation jet will speed up alongside the unauthorized aircraft to force it out of restricted airspace. If that doesn't work, that's when they call in the big boys - the Blackhawks.