Air travelers wait out storm from afar

Travelers are keeping a close eye on flight statuses at Indianapolis International.
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Travelers coming and going from Indianapolis are keeping a close eye on stormy conditions along the east coast. 

Eighty flights to and from airports along the Atlantic coast were canceled Monday at Indianapolis International Airport.

"We're worried about everybody getting home tonight," said Sandy Kosina.

Her home is Syracuse, New York. They'll fly to Detroit Monday night, but that New York connection? Its status is still unknown.

"I've got my toothbrush. I should be OK," Kosina said.

Traveler Tina Morris is flying to New York on Wednesday, so she asked the airline if they'll be flying then.

"They said it might not be, so I changed my ticket to Thursday. I feel a lot better. Hopefully winds won't be 80 miles per hour and we can fly," Morris said.

Jean Steiner was waiting to pick up her daughter and new son-in-law, fresh from their honeymoon but the schedule board says their flight from Charlotte is canceled.

Jean just got off the phone with her daughter, though, who said they were getting ready to take off. So storm confusion and a strange end to their island honeymoon.

"They had the hurricane, then they had three days of flu. Now they're flying back through the super storm," Steiner said.

"I've never had an experience with a hurricane," says RaVae Miller of Indianapolis.

She was in Florida for her wedding and got the word straight from the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore - right on the beach. A warning to delay a day.

"He's, like, 'Oh definitely not today. That's not going to happen today'," she said.

Thanks to Cantore's warning, they moved the beach wedding to Saturday morning and got a brief break.

"Don't want to say it was a gift from Sandy, but it was a gift. Small window, so you hurry up," said her new husband, Jason.

The airport in Indianapolis is also serving as shelter from the storm for a fleet of military aircraft.

A-1 attack planes from the Maryland Air National Guard and a C-130 transport plane from New York were moved to the airport as Hurricane Sandy approached the east coast. Thirty FedEx and commercial passenger planes were flown to Indianapolis, as well.