Air travel down slightly for 2013 Memorial Day


Plenty of race fans will travel to Indianapolis this holiday weekend. But nationwide, the American Automobile Association predicts travel will be down slightly compared to last year. In fact, air travel is expected drop off all summer.

Many travelers looking forward to a get-away this weekend or this summer aren't necessarily looking forward to flying.

"Definitely the hassle in airports these days. I think it's difficult to get through check-in," said Kisa Ward, Middletown, Delaware.

AAA's survey for Memorial Day travel has uncovered a growing frustration with air travel, from hassles at airport security to rising fares and especially fees.

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"Baggage fees, parking fees, wi-fi fees and if you travel you know, of course, there is virtually no end to fees that you may be ask to pay," said Robert Darbelnet, AAA's CEO and president.

The travel club predicts air travel to be down eight percent compared to the holiday weekend last year, while others expect frustration with flying to last well beyond Memorial Day.

"I don't see where in the world the airlines are gonna take it away from us because if not for those extra fees, those airlines would be losing money," said Tom Parsons,

So, if you are driving, it'll costs less because a fill-up costs less.

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"Currently gas prices are about three cents less on average nationally than they were at this time last year," said Darbelnet.

Overall, AAA expects holiday travel to be off by about one percent because of what it calls an up and down economy.