Air quality advisory issued for Indianapolis

Air quality advisory issued for Indianapolis

The city has issued an air quality health advisory for Marion County, the first one in many years issued during winter.

Scott Manning with the Office of Sustainability say "elevated levels of fine particle pollution" have been detected at one of IDEM"s two monitoring stations in Indianapolis.

Manning says the station near IPS School #90 at 18th and Tibbs "picked up levels unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as those with asthma or other lung issues."

He says it's similar to an inversion effect.

"Air in the upper atmosphere is warming but there's still cold air on the ground, so there's a trapping effect," Manning says. "Those particles in the lower atmosphere are not able to escape."

He says those particles are tiny pieces of matter released into the air when fuels like wood, coal, gas and diesel motor fuels are burned.

Manning says they get updates on an hourly basis and that the advisory will remain in effect until those particle levels drop to a safe level.

Those with health conditions are urged to avoid heavy exertion.