After last year's storms, more homes getting shelters

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Just outside his door, an eastside homeowner has a tornado siren... but he'd like something more.

"You'd like to be able to walk right out of your house, and into a backyard shelter?," we asked.

"Underground, yes," he said.

The retiree is part of a growing number of Hoosiers looking at storm shelters after the Henryville tornado last year and the return of severe weather season.

Some shelter builders and installers tell us they are seeing increased consumer interest.

The Better Business Bureau says do your homework when considering shelters. "There are companies out there that are going to try and take advantage of you," says BBB's Bill Thomas. "They are going to do it at an emotional time."

Despite the arrival of storm season, don't be rushed into buying a shelter without doing your homework.

Experts say it's good to:

Check with the BBB to make sure the contractor has a good record;

Examine the warranty on the product;

Ask if the product meets National Storm Shelter Association standards, and

Talk to other customers.

"Don't fall for aggressive sales tactics, people saying this offer is only good for a minimum time or there's only a limited supply available," said Thomas. Those are consumer red flags.

The eastside homeowner is now beginning his homework. "Well, your luck could run out," he said. "Sometimes you've got to play it safe. That's what we're trying to do."