After daughter's suicide, mother has warning for other parents

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Friends and family shared their feelings Thursday at a vigil in memory of 14-year-old Lacy Parker.

Lacy took her life in a restroom at Lawrence Central High School last Friday.

"She loved volleyball. It is her life, that's true," says Lacy's mother Nicole Mungin.

Lacy's tearful team was at the vigil. They gave her younger sister a jersey and a ball.

"She was there for everyone," a player told the crowd.

"She loved music," her mother said. "And poetry and art. She wanted to be a vet."

Mom said Lacy lighted up the room with her smile. But behind the smile there was something else.

"All of the signs were there," her mother told us. "Her Instagram, her Facebook page, they were getting darker and darker. She even said in one of her posts 'if my heart stopped beating, would you care?'"

Two weeks before she died, Lacy posted "the problem about life for me is that I don't have fun living anymore."

And she posted a mother/daughter code work for trouble. "This wasn't the first attempt," said Lacy's mom. "She's attempted at least twice that I know of before this, and she told me if she felt she was going to try to hurt herself again she was going to say 'pop tart.'"

A week before her death, Lacy used those words in a posting.

At the vigil, lots of speakers told of the importance of curbing bullying. Lacy's mother was living out-of-state, and says she doubts there was bullying because Lacy seemed so well-liked. Her mother suspects other problems.

"We can learn from Lacy Parker and learn we can come together," said one person at the vigil.

Lacy's mother hopes all parents learn.

"You have to watch your kids. You can't just think they're trying to get attention."