Affordable Care Act offers many preventive screenings

Nurse practitioner Julie Schnieders, St. Vincent Health

Preventive care is a big focus of the Affordable Care Act, and on Tuesday, St. Vincent Health nurse practitioner Julie Schnieders joined Eyewitness News at Noon to talk about what's on offer. The services vary by age and gender.

"As I look over the Affordable Care Act and look at what's offered for both men and women - and children, there's a lot around prevention. And that's really great. We want to try to keep you healthy. So there's a lot of that is not probably paid for now in people who do have health insurance that is gonna be under this Affordable Care Act," she said.

For adults, coverage will include screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, colorectal cancer, obesity counseling and diet counseling. Schnieders says check-ups for those items will not go towards your co-pay.

"That's something that is a fee when I refer patients to a dietitian," she said.

Immunizations for adults will include flu shots, HPV, pneumonia, tetanus, chicken pox, measlees, meningitis, hepatitis A/B and herpes.

Schnieders says the pneumonia shot can be quite expensive, but under the ACA that will be covered at no additional fee.

For women, there are some dramatic changes, including the "well woman" exam. A mammogram for women ages forty and over, contraception, HPV DNA test, cervical cancer screening, domestic violence counseling and tobacco intervention are all covered.

"If somebody really needs that kind of counseling, that's gonna be covered," said Schnieders. "There's lots of things in this Affordable Care Act that are quite interesting."

Check to see if you're eligible under the Affordable Care Act, and see what preventive care you may qualify for.