Affordable Care Act faces Saturday deadline

Affordable Care Act faces Saturday deadline

A moment of truth is drawing near for the Affordable Care Act website. Saturday is the Obama's administration's deadline to get working properly for most users.

Withering criticism of the initial rollout of has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for Saturday. The White House hopes it can do that, at least for the "vast majority" of users. opened for business October 1st and it's been a disastrous two months. The site crashed, unable to cope with people trying to sign up. Small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year. Insurance industry insiders say some customers' personal data is getting mangled or even lost.

The White House says the site will be able to handle 50,000 users at one time, but they admit there will be times after Saturday when does not function properly.

They're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for call-backs.

Officials say consumers who pick a plan by December 23rd and pay their premiums by December 31st will have coverage effective the 1st of January.