Affidavit: Westfield suspect told friend he killed two women


The suspect in the killing of a Westfield woman and her adult daughter has been formally charged.

In court documents, a friend of the suspect says Haley was laughing when Haley said he "bashed their heads in with some cement or something."

The victims, Marylyn Erb and her daughter Kelley, were found dead in their Westfield home 5 days before Christmas.

The documents say Haley's friend got the victim's stolen credit cards and PIN's from Haley.

After using them at an ATM, a CVS Pharmacy and at a liquor store, he says Haley told him he killed the Erbs.

He said because Haley was laughing, he didn't know whether to believe him.

Haley was fired last summer for not showing up to work at the Erb family's landscaping company

The friend says he and Haley sat in a car across from the Erb's house last July and Haley told him he wanted to go into their house with a gun.

In the affidavit, the friend says Haley was "one of those guys who would go shoot the place up," after being fired.

Haley's arrest record shows a man with anger issues. One document says Haley twice battered his grandmother, and once told her "I will take your gun and shoot you."

"I have a constituent who is answering the door to her house with a gun pointed to the ceiling," says Indiana Senator James Merritt. "There are people who are very fearful."

After a rash of violent home invasions by suspects with violent priors, Merritt says he will push for tougher minimum sentences for violent crimes, from five years to twenty years.

He points to the 2010 downtown shooter who wounded nine and got two years in jail. "Not acceptable," Merritt said. "We have got to crack down on violent crime."