AEG Live chief claims conflicting reports on Michael Jackson's health


Was Michael Jackson an emotional mess in the days before he died - or rounding into shape for what would have been his final concert tour?

The head of the company promoting the concert tour says it depended on who he got his information from. AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips says he got conflicting and confusing information about Jackson's health in the days before he died.

Phillips says he heard from high-level tour workers that Jackson was unable to rehearse - but the doctor hired to care for him said he was fine. Phillips is testifying in a negligent hiring suit filed by Jackson's mother against AEG.

The suit claims the company failed to properly investigate the doctor convicted of causing her son's death. Her lawyers say Phillips and other AEG executives either missed - or ignored - warning signs about the singer's health and pushed him to rehearse.

The trial wraps up its seventh week today.

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