Advocates say Indiana welfare revamp needs overhaul

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Sandra Chapman/13 Investigates

Indianapolis - A state-wide coalition of home health advocates is proposing a new law to fix Indiana's troubled welfare system, and it includes hiring back thousands of caseworkers.

The Indiana Home Care Task Force says the elderly and disabled are in crisis because of the FSSA privatization. 13 Investigates exposed breakdowns in the new call centers including lost records, inaccurate information and benefits erroneously denied.

Advocates say they aren't opposed to using smart technology, but say it's critical to have face to face interviews and caseworkers at call centers who know the law.

"It's going to be hard to rebuild the caseworker system. The state blew up a ton of experience, a ton of the people in the system that had 20 years, 30 years of experience and who were awfully good at what they did," said John Cardwell, Indiana Home Care Task Force.

The task force wants a financial audit of the system and says it's working with a team of Indiana lawmakers to draft legislation.

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