Actors take hits at haunted houses

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Screams and chills are in store at haunted houses this month, but that fear can get out of hand and lead to injuries.

The fears struck by gruesome ghouls and frightening freaks are all in fun at Indy Scream Park in Anderson. At this and other haunted houses, they say visitor safety is tops.

But actually, it's the masked monsters who sometimes have to fear the visitors.

"I did my routine, scared a girl, look over to my left and a guy takes a couple steps swung at me punched me in the face," said Ryan Ritchie.

"They'll come up and push you out of the way," said Bradley Looper. "It's one of their defensive mechanisms."

"I came out underneath the bookshelves and then I got kicked in the face. The girl looked right at me, then...right in the chin," said another actor.

Some actors shared their horror stories as the geared up for Friday's haunting. That includes what they call "hatchet elbow" - a repetitive motion problem from repeated jabbing gestures.

"I've had that. It actually hurts from here to here," said an actor.

The actors also pop lozenges and do voice exercises to fend off "haunted house throat." But it's the hits, slaps and shoves from customers that haunt them most.

"You have a very small percentage that are intended. We take them very (seriously) and security is on it right away," said general manager Marcus Poulin.

Officers are always on duty. Sometimes alcohol is a factor, but usually, it's just startled customers.

"We're doing our job trying to show people a good time. Get hit every now and then, you get hit," said actor Mike Wable.

Another actor said if you're drunk, you're not welcome at their haunted house. If you're just scared, they hope you'll be careful.