Accident witness reacts to latest in officer charges

George Burt

Jennifer Reyes/Eyewitness News

George Burt's life has been full of hurdles since witnessing the accident that killed one of his co-workers and left two others in the hospital.

"I've got the first hurdle of seeing the accident, I've got the second hurdle of finding out that he was drunk, then I get this one," Burt said.

The latest hurdle came Thursday after finding out the IMPD officer involved in the deadly accident won't be facing charges of drinking and driving.

"It's at that point I want to scream and holler," Burt said. "But what is that going to do for anybody?"

He said he hasn't been able to sleep, and is seeing a therapist. It helps to talk about the accident, and to know he's not alone.

Members of the Pendleton American Legion Post were outraged at the charges being dropped, and plan to continue showing their support for the victims.

The group has gathered thousands of signatures to help the case against the officer.  They say they want things to be done right, and that includes keeping members from taking matters into their own hands. That's the message at this small gathering following the news of the dropped charges.

"We can't start showing outrage, we've got to do this right," Director Kurtis Hamm said. "We've been conducting rallies. We started at Monument Circle, we're going to do another one."

George Burt said he will be at the next rally, standing up for the victims that can't.

"I feel bad for Eric Wells' family now that they're hearing this," Burt said. "Here's another hurdle they have to go through."

The bikers are already planning another rally on September 5 to raise money for the victims.

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