Abandoned layaway items hitting shelves again

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If you put off shopping and now you're wondering if you'll be able to find everything on your list, this week may be your second chance to find those "must have" gifts for Christmas.

Retailers like Toys R Us really pushed their layaway programs this season. and it was popular for many shoppers to put away those favorite things and pay a little at a time.

Now payoff time is here. For Toys R Us, the deadline to pick up layaways was actually yesterday. And though some stores will work with customers and give them a day or two grace period for paying off and picking up their items, for those who don't pay off on time, their merchandise is put back on the shelves.

Shawn Bratton, store manager of the Toys R Us in Greenwood, said they will be giving layaway customers a two-day grace period through Tuesday night to pay off and pick up their purchases.  But, "If there's that hot item you're looking for, check Wednesday morning," he said.