A year after deadly tornado, Henryville still moving forward

Henryville tornado damage 1 year ago
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Henryville residents will have an emotional day as it marks the one year anniversary of a deadly tornado that killed 39 people in two states.

The community has planned several events for Saturday to thank volunteers and mark the 12 months since the tornado, including a flag dedication and a parade.

It was March 2, 2012 when wind's gusting up to 175 miles per hour damaged everything in the tornado's path. 

Fire Chief Mark Furnish of the Monroe Township Fire Department in Henryville, Ind., says his town is determined to rebuild. Hundreds of buildings in Henryville were damaged or destroyed, including the town's school complex.

According to the Salvation Army, crews and volunteers helped rebuild 11 homes and repair damage to 251 others. 

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