A patient's perspective of the move to Eskenazi Hospital

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One-hundred-forty-nine patients were transferred between 7:00 and 2:00 Saturday from Wishard Hospital to the new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital.

One of those patients was Stephen Buechsenschuetz from Terre Haute who gave Eyewitness News anchor Anne Marie Tiernon his prospective Saturday's event.

It is still hard for Stephen to believe he's in the Wishard burn unit after coming in contact with a high voltage line while he was working on a roof.

"With the electrical, there's more damage that's done inside than just the surface," explained Stephen.

Since the accident on November 20th in Terre Haute, he has had surgery, his right arm is healing with grafts from his legs and like all burn patients he's at high risk for infection.

He has intense pain but he's hoping that changes over at the new hospital.

Bob Buechsenschuetz, Stephens father, said, "At first said they said they were going to move the hospital. I didn't envision moving the whole hospital in one day. Holy Cow."

A final night at Wishard and then it is moving day where there's a lot of waiting.

"So you're second to go. They are lined up and ready to go," a nurse said to Stephen.

The first patients moved at 7:00. The target for him was 8:30, he even nods off while waiting. At nearly 10:00, it was time to go.

"Are you as comfortable as you can be?, " ask a nurse.

Stephen was strapped to the gurney. His parents took all of his belongings with them the day before.

"She said we're going to go and we went. The fresh air actually felt good" said Stephen.

His ride over to Eskenazi took about three minutes.

There waiting burn unit staff, the very same people that have cared for him for the last 16 days. Within minutes of his arrival, he already meets with his doctor.

"You're the first patient would walk into the new unit," said his doctor.

Stephen's mom Karen has been anxious about the move, "I'm just glad he's in here now and he's at the right place."

So far, his first wish granted, he will be home by Christmas. Now maybe he'll even be discharged by his birthday, next week.

Stephen said, "Just getting the use of this arm back is all I really want to concentrate on. It is all I want for my birthday and Christmas."

"It has been hard, like you say, we pray every night that he heals well and is fully restored. and that's what we hope and pray for," said his father.

Stephen got married in August, and he feels so fortunate that he survived the burn, that he had a burn unit to come to and that he has a lot to look forward to.