9/11 memorial dedicated in emotional ceremony

Hundreds of people attended the dedication of a 9/11 memorial along the canal.

INDIANAPOLIS - Emotions flowed freely as a memorial to the September 11 attacks was dedicated downtown Sunday.

There has been a lot said and written about the memorial, two steel beams that once supported the 74th floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. Words cannot replace seeing it and seeing the emotion of Gary Hess, the Indianapolis firefighter that worked day and night to make it happen.

"This has been an absolutely honorable and humble experience to do this," he said.

Another Indianapolis firefighter, Ryan Feeney, took the cover off of a bronze American eagle he designed and built.

"If you feel the bonds weaken between you and your brother and your neighbor and your fellow Americans, I want you to come and sit over here at this sacred place," said a speaker at the dedication.

Poems were read, songs were sung, bringing tears to the eyes of those in the crowd. So did the stories of children that have grown up knowing nothing but a war on terror.

"I think all of us remember where we were and what we were doing at that time. It has a kind of look and it has a symbol of our strength as a country, because we have come back from it," said Kaylee Moon of Carmel.

Most everyone in the crowd has a story. They remember where and what they were doing. It's a story some carry on their sleeve.

"For me, what was a day of tragedy has become a triumph of freedom and every American should reflect today, we should remember those that have fallen on this day 10 years ago and should remember those that have fallen every day in the war on terror since," said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana).

It is a story they will carry forever.